January 31st, 2004

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labels are for . . . books?

I was in the bookstore at my college today, where they have some labeled shelves, like: "Campus Authors," "Foreign Language/Reference," and "Children's".

One section of shelves has a blank label over it, and in this section are books like My Gender Workbook, Angels in America, Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers . . . well, you get the idea.

When I asked one of the employees about the label for the shelf, she said they were ordering one, and it would probably say, "Alternative Lifestyles" or something. For some reason, this makes me want to gag.

I feel that they're open to suggestions, and I'd like to suggest something, but I don't know what. So my question to all you postqueer folks is:

What should this section be labeled?


Can folks name some post-queer movies? Only released oveseas would be interesting to know as well.

Added later:

Anyone know what happened to the Liquid Sky folks? Has the Director or Writer made more films?

Then there's the Hollywood movie that had a nude scene with a transexual. It was pretty popular mainstream, but I can't recall the name!
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Hi, guys, Long time lurker, first time poster.

British bi girl here, not particularly butch or femme, possibly to unadventurous genderwise to post here. :) But I really enjoy the discussions you guys have, even though I don't often join in.


Here's a link. Before you click on it, it's a column from the Guardian newspaper here in the UK. The Guardian is pretty left-leaning and usually fairly progressive and PC and stuff, but it seems to have a blind spot where trans-people are concerned. This article is a tedious, vitriolic, ill-informed fucking idiot rant against trans-people.

So, that's the disclaimer. If you still want to read it, click away. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then please, by all means skip it.

Given that i think it's so awful, why am I posting it? Well, I suspect it might be too fucking bollocks to inspire any kind of intelligent discussion, but I'm posting it on the off-chance that some of you might have a meaningful response to her rubbish. I suppose one potential issue that it raises is the bizarre idea behind the article that transsexuality is an extreme form of homosexuality. Clearly it's not, but how do homosexuality, gender performance and transsexuality interact? Does anyone have any thoughts on the case she brings up, where an mtf transsexual was forbidden to work at a women-only rape crisis centre?

Again, the disclaimer: a lot of this article is pure, hateful transphobia, and if anyone objects to me posting it here, I apologise. But I'd be interested in your responses, if anyone has anything to say.
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FWD: [SomeKindOfQueer] Seeking gay FTMs

Subject: Loren Cameron seeks gay FtM interview/photo subjects

Call for Models/Interview Photographer Loren Cameron is searching for gay identified FtMs, at any stage of transition, to interview and possibly photograph. Cameron is very interested in documenting the gay identified FtM (FtMs who date other FtMs and/or bio males).

Cameron is also seeking to interview bio males who date/partner with FtMs. Please email Loren Cameron at loren@lorencameron.com or call 510.883.0130 and leave a message about why you are calling and how best to reach you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Loren Cameron