January 28th, 2004

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An Invitation

I wanted to invite folks to join trans_poctrans_poc:

We are a community for People of Color who are transgendered, transsexual, genderqueer, two-spirited, bigendered, multigendered, genderneutral, third-gendered, intersexed, partners of people who are TG/Q/IS, people struggling with their own gender identity/expressions, people undergoing surgery/hormone therapy, TG/Q/IS/POC activists, supportive allies, family members, friends, and educators. Trans_Poc is here for you as a discussion forum, a community, an information exchange center, an advice network, a support system, a family, and friends. We are a small and often dispersed community in "real life", let's have a solid internet community.

trans_poctrans_poc is moderated and maintained by cuedus and myself.

Regardless, I Hope All Are Well.

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Book Club Reminder, Kids!

Hello, lovelies. It's Alison here with a gentle reminder that the 2nd postqueer book club meeting is right around the corner. Indeed, we shall discuss The End of Gay by Bert Archer starting on Tuesday, 17 February 2004. Do join us.

I've been a good postqueer, as you can see below. Yes, I got myself to the San Francisco Public Library, came home, donned my jammies, and got to reading!

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cross-posted. new community.

having a trans and/or queer experience and also dealing with family crisis and grief and loss creates a unique experience with family, doctors, legal documents, etc...

thus, i have created a new community, the queer and trans grief/loss/crisis community, appropriately titled :


please join if you are affected or have been affected by the intersection of these experiences.