January 25th, 2004

goth angel


remember that gay marriage poll? well, the cowards at the american family association have reneged on their promise to take the results to congress:

Gay Marriage Poll Gets Annulled

But the AFA never counted on the power of the Internet. And once the URL to the poll escaped its intended audience, everything went haywire. As of Jan. 19, 60 percent of respondents -- more than 508,000 voters -- said, "I favor legalization of homosexual marriage." With an additional 7.89 percent -- or 66,732 voters -- replying, "I favor a 'civil union' with the full benefits of marriage except for the name," the AFA's chosen position, "I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and 'civil unions,'" was being defeated by a 2-1 ratio.

"We're very concerned that the traditional state of marriage is under threat in our country by homosexual activists," said AFA representative Buddy Smith. "It just so happens that homosexual activist groups around the country got a hold of the poll -- it was forwarded to them -- and they decided to have a little fun, and turn their organizations around the country (onto) the poll to try to cause it to represent something other than what we wanted it to. And so far, they succeeded with that."

Of course, no such poll can be said to represent an accurate picture of popular opinion. But, clearly, the AFA had hoped Congress would take the numbers it planned to produce as exactly that kind of evidence.

Now, Smith says, his organization has had to abandon its goal of taking the poll to Capitol Hill.

"We made the decision early on not to do that," Smith admitted, "because of how, as I say, the homosexual activists around the country have done their number on it."

awww. poor bigoted babies. they couldn't take their widdle poll to congress. and it's all because of you nasty homosexual activists!!! (yes, even you heteros who voted in favor. you're homosexual activists, too.)

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(EDIT: um. i just realized that princessrugger had already posted on this. um. i shall be sitting over in the corner with a pointy hat on. please disregard this newbie's stupiditude. thankyou.)
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