January 23rd, 2004

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FWD: Sexual and Gender Diversity Conference

Registration for the Resolutions and Ruptures: Sexual and Gender Diversity and the Spaces In-Between conference on March 5-7, 2004 has begun! Please go to our web page at www.positivespace.ubc.ca/qconference for registration and more information or fill out the attached registration form.

This conference, to be held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, will be an amazing opportunity to bring together activists, educators, community organizers, artists, students and academics. We have a dynamic and diverse program of performances, presentations, workshops, panels and exciting keynotes from Sue Ellen Case, Jamie Lee Hamilton and Kevin Kumashiro. (Keynote bios are on the website. Check back later for the full program.)

Please join us in exploring the ruptures, overlap, intersections and complexities of queer, trans and intersex communities, lived experiences, activism, oppressions, diversities, theories, practices, representation and the politics of change.

We've also attached our conference poster for more info. Please spread the word.

Anne-Marie Long
on behalf of the conference steering committee
Anne-Marie Long
Equity Advisor, University of British Columbia Brock Hall 2306, 1874
Mall Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1

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