January 20th, 2004

  • epilady

PQ Book Exchange/Rotating Library?


Is there any interest in a book exchange - text swap - rotating lending library of some kind? I notice that a lot of community members don't have ready access to the texts we've discussed, and I know that we all have some awesome identity-focused books in our personal collections. Care to share the love with other PQ people?

If there is interest, has anyone done this before and do you know a way to make it reliable (so people get their books back on time and in one piece)?

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  • oboiex

Oh--and hello...

I never really introdcued myself properly. I just barged on in with some posts and forgot some formalities

This community was passed on to me by ink_ling. He told me, after I had just singed up, that I would really get hooked on LJ after discovering communities. I siad "uh huh - I probably won't" - and here I am. Tee frickin hee.

Anywho - I tend to think that my story is not all that dramatic in relations to my sexuality. Yeah, my life has been completey screwed up from time to time, but most of that was attributed to a chemical imbalance and the curse of being human. My family, after finding out about my being gay, went quite hay-wire for some time, but things have settled and they now accpet me for everything that I am. I feel quite lucky, as many people I have met have been shunned by their parents because they just happened to be a little different.

One of the bigger things that rubs me raw about gay culture, and I have already talked a few of your ears about this, is just that a huge segment take being gay, lesbain, trans or whatever, to such a degree that is encomapses all that they are. Almost every portion of their life is their sexuality or identity. I realize that these are important parts of us, but they are just that...parts.

At the same time these qualities set us apart from others and we can create unique communities - band together and work on making all things equal - experience life in a completely different way - explore different ways of living.

I am proud of my sexuality, but I do not wear it like a badge. I dont hide it be any means - but it tends to be something that people find out about me as opposed to it being the only thing they see about me at first.

This attitude of pushing queer out there, which is vital yes, I believe has caused overexposure. Much like the black face of the early to mid 1800s - it made them acceptable, but only at its most stereotypical and comical level. Quite debasing indeed. I see this with gay culture,"Queer As Folk" shows a variety of "gay life" - but they are all quite gay and most I know cannot relate to the show at all. Granted, it is beefed up for entertainments sake, but it can put gay life in an ascewed light.
Don't get me started on the hit show "Greg & Darma".

And in movies...you can always tell which character is the gay one - there's no mistake about it. The only way I have been able to swallow gay culture in films, are more indie ones, such as "Beautful Thing", the films of Greg Araki and the sort.

My fingers are sore - ending this - but I know to many of you, I am preaching to the choir.....

(wishing lunch would get here soon)
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