January 18th, 2004

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yesterday i posted links to articles in the nytimes online. you can't read them, however, unless you give in and sign up as a member. some of us are not, and i forgot that you had to be a member to read the articles from the links. so here they are again in readable form for everyone behind the cuts..

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they should generate some serious discussion....
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Paper for lesbian conference

Apologies for cross-posting

Hi, I'm Tam. I'm presenting a paper at a conference entitled 'Lesbian Lives' and my paper will be focusing on trans-lesbians. The conference is based around lesbianism since the book 'The Lesbian Postmodern.' I am currently working on a PhD about intimate relationships involving transpeople.

I was wondering if anyone had any comments on what is important to include in a paper about trans-lesbians.

My main ideas so far are as follows -

* What is a lesbian? What is postmodernism? How do these two engage with each other - is a postmodern lesbianism feasible or do we need to go beyond labels like lesbian to truly realise the vision of postmodernism?
* How do 'lesbian' and 'trans' intersect? (transmen who id'd as lesbian, transwomen who id as lesbian, lesbians in relationships with transpeople)
* How do lesbians respond to trans lesbians? Lesbian feminists, lesbians out at bars etc.
* My research - what I'm looking at. Discussion of interviews.
* Transwomen feeling more accepted within bi community - both marginalised by lesbians.
* Does lesbianism presume the existence of a vagina? Can transwomen who haven't yet had surgery or who don't want or can't get surgery be accepted as lesbian?
Will 'lesbian' be eclipsed by 'queer?' Are more lesbians identifying as queer?

Any input would be appreciated - particularly anyone's experiences of being trans and lesbians.

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