January 10th, 2004

New Beginnings

Hi there!

I'm hoping this community is for me. I found it on staveflyer's profile. If it's not please tell me and I'll get off.

A couple of years ago, I started realizing what a joke our current system of sexuality is. I've completly thrown it down the toilet! I don't get this idea of limiting you sexual expression to one gender at all. They are also expressions of trust and love afterall, atleast I would hope, and there isn't anything keeping me from loving another guy.

I do ofcourse realize that there are /differences/ between the two sexes. I do make the argument that it is diffrent to love one and the other. I dubiously question the gay rights movement and anyone that really calls themself gay. because I think it's more of a parody of what the natural state of a monogomous relationship would be.

And before we go into the argument of "natural" I would like to point out what Desmond Morris said in his "The Naked Ape." Homosexual acts are quite common in nature, but the idea od a homosexual pair-bond is rare, even though not non-existant. (Oddly, It seems to occure more often then not in birds...)

At school, I call the GLOBAL Alliance (A Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual deal) the "Gay Sepratist Movement."

Understand I don't do this to offend, simply to make a point on how on the whole, most of them aren't really for cooperation or for a unified idea.

I guess I have more of a Universal Sexuality. I'm not shy about sharing my body with guys as well as girls. It sounds like the book this group is reading might address that a bit...

Anyways, I didn't really want to explain myself in this post. If I did I would have set down and planned it all out. :-) I just wanted to kinda just say something, introduce myself, and see if I'm welcome here.

Evreyone have a Goodnight (or Day)
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