January 8th, 2004

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Book Club Reminder!

Hey all,

Just a quick reminder that we'll be discussing Bert Archer's The End of Gay (And the Death of Heterosexuality) here starting February 17. It's an easy read and his topic should be of immediate personal interest to all of us here at postqueer, so what are you waiting for? Get readin'!

Also, cattack would probably appreciate any suggestions for the March book selection (nudge, nudge).

And have I told y'all lately how incredible, smart, sexayyyy and fabulous you are? 'Cause ya are, postqueer, ya arrrrrre!
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i am pretty new here....

can anyone give me any tips on meeting queers/finding a queer community in nyc. ?

i am pretty shy. plus i have a girlfriend of ~2 years (who is young and in college upstate and therefore around mostly on weekends), so i would feel kind of uncomfortable doing the bar/club thing alone (plus she is 20-sigh).

if so, thanks. i am getting a little sick of being just about the only dyke i know.

went to the library today, for fun:
amy bloom's "normal," carol queen et al's "pomosexuals" and some assorted fiction.
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