December 18th, 2003

marie's the name...

hippy pappy birfday!!!

i'm having trouble recalling the birthday occurance in winnie the pooh...since i left him ever so long ago...but in any event -


i think yr rad....
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cross-posted...Bay Area Reporter needs Youth Columnists

LGBTIQQ young people under the age of 25 are needed for the Bay Area Reporter's "Generation Q" column, a commentary that runs in the news section and is written by queer youth.

The column should be about 800 words and may address any issue from the viewpoint of queer youth; your audience is a mixed-generation, mixed-race, mixed-gender LGBT readership of over 70,000 people. Topics are open and have in the past included everything from the queer youth involvement in anti-war activities, to battling sexism and racism within the gay community, to assimilation, to suicide, to transgender struggles. Pay is $25 per column. This is a great way to get published and/or articulate your ideas to a larger audience.

the Bay Area Reporter is one of the country's oldest and most widely read LGBT publications.

To submit materials or negotiate a deadline, you can reach me here through LJ....
assistant editor
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