December 9th, 2003

At Montara
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I hope this isn't too off-topic for this community, but somehow, the punch line on this comic strip made me think of this place. But it raises a question about identity, I think, once you step past the gag.

And, well, hello. I've commented a couple of times since I first joined, but haven't formally introduced myself. I can currently claim the words bisexual, queer, pagan, polyamorous, kinky, switch, and bottom as aspects of who I am. They haven't all been there all of my life, and I know some of them may not apply in the future depending on where I am and what I'm doing. But to enhance a phrase, j'y suis, et pour le moment, j'y reste.
  • epilady

Postqueer Book Club Book #2!

Alrighty, it's the holidays, and it's finals/thesis avoidance time for many of us - so the next book discussion will start February 17, 2004.

This gives you all ample time to go read Bert Archer's The End of Gay (And the Death of Heterosexuality).

This is a text of immediate, potent relevance to postqueer and I think we'll all dig reading it, although it's far from perfect. Written in a breezy journalistic, personal style, it still packs a theoretical wallop. The guy's well-read, probably excellect dinner company, and totally fun to spend a few hours thinking along with. Whether you agree with his premise or not...will be a fine topic for the next discussion!

See you all February 17, I hope!
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