December 4th, 2003

c'est moi

365 days, 200+ Members, and beyond...

Happy Birthday PostQueer!!

Our little postqueer group is officially 1 year old today, for those of us who take notice of such things. If that wasn't enough, we are now over 200 members.

To celebrate these shenanigans I'm pleased to announce our first two postqueer contests!

PostQueer T-Shirt Contest:
Design your ideal postqueer T-Shirt!! Send in a slogan with a graphic (or an idea for a graphic as our resident artist can do the dirty work) that you like for a postqueer tee. I'll set up a poll to select the winning entry, which will be featured on some cool tees, stickers, or any other postqueer goodies we can think of. The winner gets a free tee or other treat!!

PostQueer Logo Contest:
We could use a new logo for our community. If you want to give it a shot, send me your entries..., or post them right here. The winning logo will be up on our community for the next 3 months, and the artist will also get a tee or some other official postqueer item.

So, have an anniversary cookie tonight in honor of all of us!!

The deadline for both contests is January 2, 2004. I'll set up a poll, and we'll choose democratic-style. We'll put up the polls after entries have been recieved, and voting will go from Jan 3 - 8th. Winners will be announced that next weekend.

Also, we're having the secret mongoose hooplah this month. Contact epilady (like i did) for more info on getting into the game.

Cheers and Good luck!!
Your moderator,
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