December 1st, 2003

Hallo? Um, Hallo?

Maymay says I must post here! Hello! I am in Western MA. It is an exciting time to be homosexual in MA, as you al may know. :) Actually, since I have no one beating down the door to gay-marry me, I guess it's not PERSONALLY that exciting. But ya know, it's the principle of the matter! Other than that.... I just am hoping to make more local friends, because I really can't bear to be bored.
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OK, in honor of:

A. Our nearly 200-memberness at postqueer, and
B. That time of year when we give...uhh...nondemoninational gifts to loved ones,

I'd like to do a nondenominational secret gift exchange with y'all!
Are you in?
Great! All you need is 20 bucks or less, and an online wishlist (Amazon, Agent Provocateur, Ace Hardware...we're not picky, as long as they have a wishlist/gift registry option at their site)!

Simply post below:
* Where your wishlist can be found (make sure you have several items below $20 in there - this is a $20 or less event)
* Under what email address or username your wishlist can be found
* An email address where I can send your mystery gift recipient's information

I'll wait a week or so, then compile the list and randomly choose gift givers and gift receivers. If you sign up for the game, please, please make sure you send your gift by 1/1/04, so nobody gets sad and feels un-yuled.

Let's go!
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