November 25th, 2003

Community affirmations

This is moved from my own journal -- I meant to post it here. Doh!

Here's a fun little idea I got from a staff meeting and have been meaning to use for a while.

Look at the list of people who are part of this community and, of the ones you know, pick five and say something nice (or affirming) about each of them.

And yes, I know we have 192 members now. I'm sorry if you know 180 of them and can't decide which ones to pick. LOL

Here are mine:

chavagrrl: anyone who thinks librarians are boring old grumps in sensible shoes has NEVER met chavagrrl.

diamondfemme: the (aspiring) lady with the lamp. I think I could almost enjoy being hospitalized if I had a wiseass nurse like that to make me laugh myself well.

jessicaeve: gotta love a woman who makes lists. Besides, all that intelligence makes me forget I like guys. Okay, almost. LOL

mummy_macha: I just DIE for this woman's sense of humor. I still laugh when I recall her recipe for roast lamb. "It has to be fresh ... go to a hobby farm and pick the little bastard out." :)

ruby_woo: she's going to kill me for saying this, but it's the big blue eyes. And the hair. Ellen Tebbits hair. I hope she doesn't mind my saying that, because Ellen Tebbits was one of my favorite childhood book characters. :)