November 11th, 2003

gimme some cinnabuns
  • epilady

Okey-dokey,'s something resembling a postqueer get-together!

Why? Because we want dibs on your New Year's Eve, that's why.

Please join us in San Francisco for fun, fun, fun!

If you're not on the evite list, it's because I either don't have your email address readily at hand or I didn't know you were planning to be in SF at the time. If you wanna be added to the evite so you can RSVP/vote/stalk the other guests, just drop me a line, OK?

I'll edit the RSVP as we narrow down where to meet and where we might check back if you plan to attend.

And yes, I fully expect you to dress up. You don't have to dress theme (although we picked a very open-to-interpretation theme, come on!), but please dress to feel your best.

Questions? Comments? Large briefcases filled with unmarked bills? I'll take 'em!

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