October 31st, 2003

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Friday Photo ops - questions!

OK weeners and weenettes...what are you all wearing today? I took the easy route and came as the Queen of the Fuckin' Universe...pictures to come.

Bonus questions:
* We're only "supposed" to wear "costumes" one day of the year because this reinforces the myth that our daily clothing choices are not also "costumes." Discuss.
* Why are women's costumes so commonly "sexy" versions of everyday men's uniforms? Don't give me the easy answers, kids; let's all reallly think about this for a minute...
* Similarly why do heterosexual men so frequently take advantage of this holiday to indulge in poorly executed parodic drag? Is this a manifestation of hidden crossdressing desires, or merely a reassertion of their "inherent" masculinity?
* If you're transgendered, would you take the opportunity to crossdress as a member of your birth-assigned gender on this holiday or for other events? Why or why not?
* What makes "crossdressing" and costume in general different for straight/heteronormative/gender-normative people than for postqueers?

Happy head-scratchin'...and give me some pics, all y'all!
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this is more craft-related but i thought it might be of some importance..

Calling all Crafters! Sunday Nov. 2, 1-4 pm, Watertown Square, Watertown MA
please distribute widely -- everyone is welcome!

The Bisexual Resource Center is sponsoring a bring-your-own craft afternoon in Watertown Square, MA this Sunday, November 2, 2003 from 1-4 pm. Everyone is welcome, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, etc.

Do you tat? knit? bead? crochet? cross-stitch? paint? watercolor? work with wire? chain mail? quilt? origami? paper crafts? silk painting? any other craft that I can't think of right now?

Well, come on down to Watertown Square for a get-together with other crafters. Everyone is welcome; come and bring your work, or just bask in the inspiration of others.

For more information, including directions e-mail me at awfief@cs.brandeis.edu. We'll have tables and chairs, as well as a bit of open space.

This is a regular bi-monthly event, so watch your e-mail for updates on
future crafty gatherings!

Who: Anyone and everyone! if you don't do a craft, or can't bring yours,
come down just to hang out and see what everyone else is doing. Your
craft does not need to be alternative lifestyle related nor themed.

What: Crafty gathering -- bring your craft, spend a few hours getting
some of your craftwork done and talking to neat folks

Where: Watertown Square, Watertown, MA. E-mail awfief@cs.brandeis.edu
for directions; plenty of on-street parking, close to Route 90; steps
off the 71 bus line from Harvard Square in Cambridge and the 70/70A bus
lines to/from Central Square, Cambridge and Waltham sites.

When: 1-4 pm on Sunday, November 2nd.

Cost: Free!
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Discussion point.

In gay_boys there was this post:
Ok Class...let's edumacate ourselves

I'm not sure what the intention was. But the discussion was less interesting for the most part. I was wondering what the postqueer response was to these dictionary definitions. Do they miss the point? Are they too limiting? Are dictionary definitions a useful tool or a method of constraint and marginalisation?
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