October 27th, 2003

flying monster 2

piercing and body mod

so i went off on a tangent from one of epilady's comments, and figured it might be better as its own post.

for folks who've done body mod, of any variety, what were your reasons for doing so? what did you get out of it?

i've done my piercing and tattooing body mods for a combination of three main reasons (to varying degrees at different times): to work through my fear of needles, to feel some measure of control over a body i felt i had no control over, and to make a landmark of or deepen bonds with other people, particularly family members. (i know, my family is weird.)

i do tend to classify my taking testosterone as a form of body modification, although it doesn't quite fit into that rubric. some of my pre-transition body mods approached being a poor substitute for transitioning--some attempt to mark my body as other than it was.