October 26th, 2003

old days


our esteemed epilady clued me into this furry community thing this weekend, and i was wondering if y'all had any perspectives on the issue. i'm trying, as ever, to be open-minded, but i also find he whole thing well beyond my own inerests or proclivities. how about you? i'm posting from my own journal below...

if you are unawares of this community, let me point you to a few links:

lj fursuiting
sample furry
furry code
super-graphic mm yiffy... no under 18 here

so, i'm left pondering this phenomenon, i mean, some folks have issues with SCA and live action D&D, maybe it's of he same cloth? or maybe not...

for more graphic links, a google search on furries and sex will give you all you need.

cheers and happy sunday!