October 20th, 2003

Calluna vulgaris

New postqueer checking in

Hey folks,

I'm new to LJ and just joined postqueer. I wanted a gender-discussing, non-straight type community to keep me on my toes and after browing at a few, you all seemed like a welcoming and thoughtful bunch.

Seems like you folks have some lovely discussions. I hope to find and read the interesting sounding femme book in time to discuss it!
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Media portrayl of queerness.

Not sure about the topic for this forum, but I know there's enough intelligent people to give a resonable commentary. It's probably also been discussed elsewhere. Try to be gentle it's my first proper post. 8-)

The media (and therefore "popular culture") find female-female relationships more acceptable, fashionable. While male-male relationships are still on the borders and considered more "edgy". Cite, Buffy, Firefly (both Joss Whedon), Ellen, Chasing Amy, Friends, Austin Powers, etc, etc.

The reason for this is that the media is male dominated and finds female-female relationships more acceptable as attraction to females aligns with the heterosexual male viewpoint. Discuss.
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