October 15th, 2003

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Out and About - the Wednesday Several!

OK...so I was in the cafeteria today, and this Act-Up lookin', one earring wearin' bald guy was wearing a "Boy George: Absolutely Queer" Tshirt, presumably in honor of National Coming Out observances - and presumably NOT in honor of National Marriage Protection Week. Across the condiment table, here I was, in a bias-cut cross-dyed velvet skirt, leather platform ankle boots and a satin camisole top, and the dude of course failed utterly to give me the Secret Family Handshake. If one is not immediately readable as "gay," are they therefore "closeted?" This got me thinking about the whole concept of "outness." danielray mused about similar stuff over on his LJ recently, so I'm thinking I'd like to chat about it.

So, without further backstory, here they are....and as always, please feel free to answer the questions that pertain to you and ignore the others...or just give us a lil' essay... or whatever.

1.) Define OUT. What does it mean to you personally? Has your relationship to the idea changed over time? Are you generally "out" or "stealth," and why?

2.) Are you "out" in different ways to different people in your life? Do the people around you perceive you as being "out," and is their perception of your degree of outness accurate(in other words, do people know you as well as they think they do)?

3.) Are you generally more "out" about certain aspects of your identity than others? Which aspects do you conceal and which do you promote? Why?

4.) What are your feelings on the politics of outness - is it always better to be out? Does coming out somehow necessitate a move away from individual expression? Is being "stealth" always a symptom of internalized self-phobia or assimilation...or is it more complicated? You get the general idea...discuss some aspect of outing politics or academics that annoys or inspires you. There will be a test. Mwaah.
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Brazen Femme

Has anyone read Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity, (ed. Chloe Brushwood Rose and Anna Camilleri)? I thoroughly enjoyed the book, but I must admit that I have some mixed feelings.

First and foremost, femme identities are underrepresented in many genres; hence, the existence of this anthology generated much joy. I was also pleased that several contributors presented femme identity as discrete--outside a necessary association with butch. In addition, the inclusion of femmes along the gender and sexual orientation provided serious food for thought (as did some of the art, especially the fantastic cover).

Nonetheless, the quality of the pieces was highly varied. A few contributions were downright disappointing, especially those that didn't deal with femme identity in a critical way (or at all). I also would've enjoyed a longer introduction. The editors touched upon salient issues (i.e., "femme as a gender experience not tied to sex", hybridity) and I would've liked to see the articles contextualized in those terms. In all, though, this anthology breaks ground for other critical looks at femme identity.

I could go on for days about critical re-presentations of femme identities in Brazen Femme and femme identities in general. Alas, I will spare all of you. Do let me know what you think...


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