September 29th, 2003

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Hello & gay children

{sorry if this posts more than once-- I'm having trouble getting anything posted at all}

Hi all-- Just joined you all. I live in NH with my husband (partner, man, dearest friend, lover, paraclete-- "husband" for simplicity's sake & so I could get insurance... I think it hysterical that not only did I marry anyone, but a MAN) and four children (19 mo, 4 y, 6 y, 8 y). I saw this group listed in epilady's friend's list, was curious, and also have a question. I wrote about it in my journal, but since I am new to LJ, with few people reading me yet, I didn't get much input. So here it is:

Six year old son.... Over a year ago, he matter of factly told us that he is gay. At the time, he said, "I want to be a gay fireman when I grow up." & also said he wants to marry a man when he grows up. He knows what gay means, since we are totally open about it all, & our fam has gay friends. I've had friends that said they knew they were gay when they were as young as he is.... Hell, I knew I liked girls in the same way I liked boys when I was 10ish. He hasn't mentioned it in a long time-- don't know if that is because he assumes we know, and there is nothing to talk about, or because it was simply a phase, trying the idea out. Our other three have never told us anything similar, though the daugher did say she would marry all of her girl friends when she grew up. Turned out she was planning that because she thought she had to be married to people to live with them as friends. Anyway... It isn't something that freaks us out, but getting some input from others about how to respond would be nice................. Growing up in this culture, even though we homeschool, he is bombarded with information about how normal hets are, and how "out there" anyone else is.

Nice to meet you all-- must go curl my hair now.
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