September 22nd, 2003

cat & schmate, glitterville

What do you call that other person(s) in your long-term relationship?

You know, I'm in my 30s and my Feller is in his 40s, and I feel like a dork calling him my "boyfriend," especially since we are now cohabitating and it's not like he shows up on my doorstep every Friday night with a bouquet for an official dinner-and-a-movie DATE.

The other day we were trying to come up with a better word. I told him that I usually refer to him as my "partner," but that word is pretty dull. We tentatively considered "spouse," which is a very strange-sounding word, but nevertheless a contender. "Spice" sounds better, but it's kind of silly. "Significant other" is dry as sawdust, but gets the point across.

What do you call that person you're with for a long time?

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