September 14th, 2003

scary cat

female promiscuity

i heard about this via my ex-girlfriend, who's hopping mad about it ...

ARLINGTON - A male student at the University of Texas at Arlington is trying to figure out why some women are more promiscuous than others. Read more...Collapse )

okay, there's lots to criticise there. and the survey is for heterosexual females only; is that because otherwise the results might not fit with theories of biological essentialism? and/or maybe bisexuality doesn't exist? inside, it defines casual sex as "sex with someone you met that day or that night", and asks you how much you agree or disagree with statements like "Compared to other women, to what extent do you have the qualities that men look for in a desired mate?" and "It is ok to manipulate someone into having sex as long as no future promises are made." the overall tone strikes me as somewhat victorian.

the survey is at