September 7th, 2003

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> Looking for something to do on those long winter
> nights? The perfect answer.....A lesbian studies
> and
> queer culture night course. The following Course
> will
> commence @ Outhouse from 2nd October 2003. It takes
> place EVERY Thursday night from 7-10p.m for 10
> weeks.
> The Course can be taken for credit towards a Women's
> Studies Certificate in Lesbian Studies and Queer
> Culture.
> Tribades & Mollies, Sapphists & Sodomites, Romantic
> Friends & Inverts, Fags & Dykes..... Lesbian and gay
> love has been characterised in many different guises
> over the centuries. This course will review
> manifestations of same sex love between women and
> men
> through three millennia: from pagan Ireland and
> classical Greece to the medieval age and
> Renaissance;
> from the European Age of Enlightenment to the
> Nineteenth Century and on to current day of the
> post-modern queer.
> For a full course outline go to
> Or contact Elizabeth on 01-7168648 or
> Numbers are limited so early registration is
> advisable.
I do say...

'Cause y'all are so smart an' cool an' stuff

What happens when a slow Sunday at work happens to Cass?

Ramblings about gender issues, that's what!

Some vague thoughts on the matter are floating about on my own journal, which any of y'all are welcome to poke at and stuff.

(As a note - I mention something in there about being "butch" relating to "liking girls" - I was meaning that from the probable perspective of the folks I was mentioning, because they most likely associate one with the other, stereotype-wise. And stuff.)