July 31st, 2003

we are watching

for epilady and chestertodd, at first...

so this morning i was discussing with my lady that you i.d. as "trans/poly/metagendered" and she asked me what metagendered meant. and i realized i have no idea, since you're the only people i've ever heard use the term. so i was wondering if you could break down the concept further. i figured pq was a good place to pose this question, in that it could spark a pretty cool discussion.
lady electrician


Hi Hi Hi folks, I'm new too, also named Amanda like someone else new here, and I also sort of look like you, Amanda. Doppelganger action, LJ seems to make it happen. I live in the Queer Promised Land in the East Bay, and am a macho, audio-technology slinging femme in a relationship with a hot, somewhat trans-identified butch who has a 10-month-old baby. So we have a femme/pants-butch/skirt thing happening. Beyond top/bottom, D/S, whatever other conventional signifiers you can come up with. Understand? It's atypical and we feel like pariahs. I guess that's criteria enough for posting here, even if it's hard to explain. Oh, and hi Daniel! Daniel is moving in soon with my partner's old high school friend, Adrian, who is a total sweetheart. They're both total sweethearts. Yay.