July 30th, 2003

the gay reality show craze

what are everyone's thoughts on it? i jsut read an article in teh village voice about queer eye for the straight guy which pretty much lambasted the show for reinforcing stereotypes about gay men. while i totally agree that both taht show and boy meets boy-the gay reality dating show where in the style of the bachelor? the gay guy has to sift through 20 guys or whatever before picking the right dude i guess, the catch of course is that he doesn't know that some of these guys are actually straight. a show like that is obviuosly one where america has to use her gaydar to figure out who's gay on the show.

while i personally have an issue with both shows, i kind of like the fact that they exist,(and if you're really into the silly girly/trading spaces type stuff, the queer eye show is essentially five shows in one-kills alot of time, and perhaps even saves brain cells,lol) however, one could say the same about stereotypical black television-and look how far that has gotten us....

so i guess in my rambling i'm asking now that gay men are becoming more visible on television programming-is this progress even if it is aiding in creating a heterosexist cookie cutter view of gay men?

wanna help me out?


Hi there folks. My name's Becky and I'm studying sociology with an emphasis in queer theory at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I'm currently looking for interview volunteers to help me with my master's thesis tentatively titled, "Transgender: Body Image and Meaning". I need interviewees who were assigned the sex of female at birth, but now identify as transgender.

The interview questions focus on issues of gender, body image and sexuality. The interview will consist of a series of questions regarding your gender and body image. The interview will ask you to examine how your body image and gender has evolved as you have aged. Also, it will ask you to answer questions about societal influences and stereotypes, regarding your displays of gender and body image. You will be asked questions concerning how you perceive femininity and masculinity, as well as how you believe these constructs influence the perceptions you have of your body. There will be questions asking you to describe your gender and conceptualize an ideal gender system. You will be asked to identify associations you have with different aspects of your body in relation to your sexuality.

The interviews are conducted in person and recorded via audiotapes. They typically last one to two hours. Each participant will fill out a consent form and then be given a pseudonym name, to help ensure confidentiality.

In August I will be doing some traveling to San Francisco, Portland Oregon, and the Denver, Colorado area. If you are in Arizona or any of those areas and willing to participate, please let me know!
Thank you.
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