July 25th, 2003

cooler than your mom

friday five!

1 - "the personal is political". discuss.

2 - stereotypes are there for a reason. admit it.
every genre/subculture/identity has some stereotypes associated with it. which stereotypes do you feel you embody, and do you feel like you had those traits before you chose to align yourself with group X (and if so did that affect your choice to self-identify this way?), and do you feel that some of these traits came on as a result of said alignment (through brainwashing, association, conditioning, etc)?

3 - despite pop-culture icons being the devil, name one that you really admire. why?

4 - What do you do now that you wouldn't have been caught dead doing 10, 5 or even 3 years ago? what changed and why do you think that has changed?

5 - when did you first realize all homobutthumpers/lesbos/transpeople/queers weren't cool like you? when did you first realize that being different doesn't necessarily make people sensitive or open-minded or rational? how did that affect your search for community and your own self-identifcation(s)?

note. my little miniature nickboy helped me with the wording for question 4 and made up question 5 all by his lonesome. i wish that little motherfucker would hurry up and join postqueer already.
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