July 18th, 2003

I do say...

Friday Five!

As suggested by the lovely epilady, here's a Friday Five consisting of questions drawn from my own ramblings regarding body/gender/all that good stuff. I shall rightly try not to muddle things up, as I'm not nearly as cool, hip and scarily smart as most of you all. ;-)

1) How do you feel about your body (the way it is now, the way it may have been in the past, and the changes it may have gone through)?

2) How much effect has your body (and its changes) had on the way you feel about your gender and/or sexuality?

3) Is your ID (gender or otherwise) completely internal and expressed outwardly to try to match that, or has your physical appearance in any way affected your internal ID? (Do you feel someone's ID would be in any way compromised (regarding the latter)?)

4) If someone compliments you on a feature of your body that you dislike, how do you feel? Or if someone criticized a feature that you like (particularly if you link that feature to your ID)?

5) Has anything about your body - other than something linking specifically to sex/gender (ie: weight, disability, etc) - had an effect on your ability to self-ID, decide to transition, etc? How did you overcome it (if you did?)
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