July 16th, 2003

Queerness and difference in San Antonio, Texas

As a native of this town, I felt it was a good idea to address this issue as the question was posed in my intro post.

Difference is embraced in this town!

Well, okay, it's really REALLY conditional: Standard homosexuals in general are treated well, but bisexuals get a LOT of guff from people older than 24. Transgendered peoples of every shade, though, are INCREDIBLE self-assimilationists in this town, though from the older-OLDER populations(40+) and teenagers, they sometimes get a lot of flack.

Governmental support is lacking, though our pride event was celebrated by the city council, and the mayor himself made a declaration of pride week.

Flamers, though, are treated pretty roughly, because if you're a very visible target, many MANY kinds of people in this town will suddenly latch on your face and crack jokes.

But I still like this city. Shame I'm moving to the Detroit area in a month or two.

What about your towns?
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