July 14th, 2003

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I suppose I'll introduce myself since I've been silently been following along here.

Hi, I'm a 25 year old label avoider but I'm always comfy with the word queer and see it having many broad definitions. I believe there is a time for labels and a time to leave labels alone. I am biologically female and I cautiously accept that. I spent my childhood passing as a little boy unintentionally and it kinda sucked sometimes eventhough I truly wished to be a boy. I was raised with good morals and not much guidance. I wasn't forced into dresses after I violently refused them somewhere around age two. My hair was short and I played hard, chased the girls at recess, was wicked into GIJOE figurines and skateboarding, bikes. I've always accepted myself as a tomboy. Now that I'm grown up, I see the woman/tomboy that I truly am depspite the way I imagine my chest flat and strong when I look in the mirror. I think boobs and my lifestyle don't go hand in hand. I'd like to remove them but it's not my first priority and may never be. I imagine what it would be like to transition into a male and go on T and try to see how my body would change but it remains only a fantasy. I get along in this world as a female just fine. When I enter bathrooms and am stopped by another woman for being read as male I simply smile and correct them. Most people usually smile back and apologize. In some situations I use the mens room. Once in a while, bathrooms do impose a slight stress but it's no big deal. Some see me as male, some see me a female. I will continue living female. My life consists of all kinds of people and I don't exist only within subcultures-even though, I do connect the best with outsiders. I like to enjoy myself and others without big long complicated explanations about gender getting in the way of that. I've often gotten comments from close friends that gender is the last thing they see when they see me. And I appreciate seeing people for who they are, not how well they pass or don't pass.

So anyway, I like reading this community cause it seems fun and laid back and it uses the word queer with pride which is a great word.

So, hello!
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