July 13th, 2003

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hi kids. i guess this is my intro post.

i'm becky, 18... female parts + i guess most days i feel and look feminine. i'm undergraduate, studying sociology and urban development. i like the color pink and books and cooking and gardening and tea and hardcore+swing music.

for a while i identified as a lesbian, then i realized i wasn't ONLY attracted to women, tried out bisexual, hated the assumptions that people made based on it (bisexuals are sluts [??] etc), and anyway most of the boys i wanted to kiss were gay/queer. so now i stick with queer, and it means whatever i want it to mean at any given time. i'm most attracted to androgynous people. but i like who i like and i refuse to worry about breaking the 'rules' of a sexual orientation anymore. my friends are incredibly queer friendly and radical in general, which helps a lot.

this coming semester i've inhereted my campus glbta (ugh, g-l-b-t)... i'm president (ugh, hierarchy)... but i'm looking forward to it a lot. its going to rock. i'm already planning on eliminating the name altogether and adopting a symbol instead. prince style is the way to go.

so... its good to... be here? i'm hoping to 'meet' some rad friends.