July 7th, 2003

old days

Wow, 100 Members... and climbing!!

Hey all,

It's great to see we've made it to 102 members! In honor of 100 members, epilady is going to cook batches of postqueer cookies and send them out to each and everyone of you. Ha, just kidding...

Instead, to mark this waypoint, I've finally put up an interest list culled from all the suggestions back in May. This is an experiment, and we can revolve the list frequently since we can only put up 100 at a time (we are just shy of that now). Feel free to send me email -- chestertodd@yahoo.com -- with any suggestions. Or post here.

When I started this little community this winter it was so a few outcasts could have a place to communicate about all sorts of gender/identity/community or lack thereof issues. I have a big smile on my face today seeing what a wonderful, intelligent group of people we have here. You've all made my job as moderator pretty painless.

I look forward to many more stimulating/challenging/hysterical discussions. Please, carry on!

Cheers! *raises glass*
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