July 2nd, 2003


Major Warm Fuzzies

All around.

Can I just say...y'all constantly amaze and astonish me with your respectfulness, your warmth, your realness, your smartness, your WONDERFUL diversity and acceptance of others' realities. I feel honored just to read the fabulous banter and insights in this community. Each and every one of you is such an inspiration! I know the word "community" gets wicked itchy sometimes, but I really feel y'all in my heart. No...seriously.

And now, a question or few, apropos of the recent discussion:

* Do you need a "label that fits? "

* Why or why not?

* If you could devise a label to fit you, whatever would it be?

* Riff on the advantages and disadvantages of labels...for you and others. I'm asking seriously...any input would be really appreciated.

* What about "community?" Interpret as you will...
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