June 13th, 2003

old days

Friday Five... or so...

okay, so i know i've been absent, but i am back after too much crap to mention. i'm stepping up and asking some important questions of y'all. a little more serious than previous posts (i think...).

1. how do you relate to your family around issues of gender and sexuality. are they supportive? nonexistent? antagonistic? how honest are you?

2. how does the attitude of family member affect your decisions about your approach to gender and sexuality? does your familial relationship enhance or hinder your relationship to your gender, body, and/or sexuality?

3, do you feel committed to the idea of family as blood relations? or do you feel connected to the idea of "chosen" family (that being family you've met along the way)? or some combination of both?

4. how does your family relate to your friends or relationship(s)?

5. how might you correlate the way in which your parents raised you to the person you have become now? if possible, can you relate this to issues of gender or sexuality?
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