May 30th, 2003


So... Mummy Macha and I were wondering:

1. Is your sexual passion for a specific gender "hardwired" or otherwise very rigid at this point in your life? Do you desire, for example, exclusively men, or mostly transpeople, or usually women? Yeah, yeah, we're all theoretically bisexual; that's not what I'm talking about here. The odd "hot girl caught my eye in the street" or "I sometimes fantasize about guys" thing doesn't count...this question applies to people you really, actually want to physically take to bed for a bit of the old rumpy-pumpy.

2. How about your affectional/emotional preferences? Are you only able to feel deeply connected/emotionally intimate with people of a specific gender? Again, not like we can't love and adore our friends of any gender....but when you fall in hard, spiritually wrenching love, what (if any) gender makes you write sappy soul-baring poems?

3. Are the people you desire generally the same gender as the people who emotionally/affecionally appeal to you? Why or why not?

4. Could you fall in love with an otherwise fabulous person whose gender did not attract you sexually? Could you desire a really hot 'n' sexy person for whose gender you just can't feel loving intimacy? Would you act on these possibilities even if the other component (desire, love) was lacking?

5. How have your sexual desires/emotional desires changed over time, if at all, and how do you think your life experiences contributed to your current preferences? Why do you think you desire/feel affection for the people you do?

P.S. - If, like many in this community, you do not have strong sexual/affectional preferences based on gender, do you have other specifics which DO apply to these questions? Do you, for example, desire/love only other poly people, only other kinky people, only other bi/multisexuals? Can you tell us about that?
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