May 14th, 2003

am i a bisexual whore? or a pansexual whore?

ok, i've identified as a bisexual for about three years now, for about well, 11 mos., I had a sexual friendship with someone who considered themself to be transgendered, a male lesbian, i just called him a gorgeously effeminate wo(man), with a penis.

anyway, I had no sexual identity issues with this, clearly because of my identification as bisexual, it didn't throw my sexual identity into upheaval.. now according to this definition of pansexual, that's what i am actually.

now, in my opinion, there are just about three different kinds of bodies in the world, one wiht a vagina, one wiht a penis, one wiht both, , ok there are maybe like 4 or 5 different kinds of human anatomical structures one can lie in bed with, as far as i'm concerned, wouldn't pansexual = bisexuality in that sense?

am i just limiting myself folks?