May 8th, 2003

  • raaven

Interesting Guardian article - any thoughts?

A bit fluffy, but here it is. Exerpt below.

I'm a girl - just call me 'he'

The extent to which the gender boat is being rocked in New York became clear last week when a female friend took me to Moby's new vegan cafe, TeaNY, on Manhattan's Lower East Side. TeaNY (pronounced Teeny) is very hip, and my friend wanted me to meet her equally hip new girlfriend, who works there. The girlfriend certainly was hip. Not only was she sporting the vintage pizza delivery boy look that is fashionable at the moment among downtown lesbians, but she insisted on being referred to as "he", in spite of the fact that "he" resembled nothing so much as a cute, not even particularly androgynous, baby dyke.