March 13th, 2003


What the fuck did you just say, breeder?

I was absolutely shocked. I knew what I should have done, but I couldn't do it. As Angie and I were walking to lunch, there was a group of 3 football players in front of us. Way ahead of us, there was another boy, who let himself into the cafeteria and didn't hold the door. One of the football players lunged to catch the door [sometimes it locks] but missed it and said

"Oh my GOD KILL that FAGGG!"

I was so shocked. Where I grew up, and also here, you only allow yoursef to be a biggot infront of other people that you know are also biggots. Especially at Oberlin college, you never know when there might be a fag or a dyke around.

In the end, as Angie and I passed them, I said "You never know when there might be a fag or a dyke around" rather loudly, but I really think I should have confronted him at the door. "What the FUCK did you say. BREEDER?" or something like that. It's like bullies; once you shock them out of thinking they're cool, they stop bothering you.

What I did feels like too little too late. On a campus full of faggots and dykes, why didn't I do more, and why are there stupid football players allowed?
[disclaimer: I am by no means implying that all football players are stupid. While I observe a correlation, I am refering specifically to football players who are stupid, and not the general population of football players]
[I should be a lawyer]
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