March 11th, 2003


tuesday two

sorry, this one's not about sex. (although if you felt so inclined i'm sure some of you folks could take it there with little effort!) go where you will with these:

1. what is identity? (a fact? a state of mind? social construct? personal property? group property? meaningless yet fun? etc.)

2. "the personal is political." (yes? no? maybe? political in what way? personal in what sense? etc.)

bonus question: i've been thinking about the historical correlation between the removal of homosexuality from the mental books (1973), and the putting-in of gender identity disorder (1980). far be it from me to confuse correlation with causation, but taking into account our social conflation of sex/gender/desire, it kind of strikes me as a little suspicious. anybody have any thoughts on that?

(hi! this is my first frontpagepost. go me.)