March 10th, 2003

flying monster 2


so here's my set of questions (sunday night three?), as a result of reading the friday five:

--do you or have you in the past been or identified as stone?

--what does that mean to you?

--how does it tie into your sense of your gender? of other elements of your identity? of other elements of your life?

Hello friends

Hey out there. I’ve been lurking on PQ for a little bit, trying to figure out just how to introduce myself in this cute little community. Then it came to me, I should just post about sex. Everyone loves that.

I’ve started sleeping with someone who wears the same clothes I do. It makes things really difficult in the morning. "Is this your black t-shirt? Or mine"? "Is that your studded belt? Or mine?" "Are these my black jeans. Or mine?" Making it doubly hard is that she is the same size as me, if not a little bigger. Luckily we wear different types of shoes and underwear.

I just don’t know. We’re both punkish but we look very different, and we got that different gender identity thing going. But is it narcissistic to fuck someone who dresses just like you?

Totally hot Slob-on-Slob action, I tell ya.

(If you want to read the not-so-tortured identity post on my LJ you can find it here.
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Some advice needed

Hi all,
I just joined this community and wanted to say hi, and ask for a little advice.
I'm a queer missy and have been with my lady for 2 years. Although we've never been big on monogamy, it just kinda happened that we stayed pretty faithful to each other this whole time.
We have begun to entertain the idea of adding third (or 4th or 5th..) party to our private sex play. We want to remain each other's primary partner but how do we add others into the mix without anyone getting hurt or confused (including us)?

I was wondering if other people have done this and how they went about it. Did you set up rules, either for each other or for the third person?
What seems to work best?
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I do say...

'Cause I'm, like, vain and stuff...

My apologies to people for whom this is repeat posting...

For the first time ever, I've put pics of me on the Internet. And they're actually sorta almost maybe close to being okay pics, amazingly! So, um, if any of y'all cool folkies want to look, here's the link to my entry where I blither on about it:

Umm... That's all. Thankies. :-) *skitters away*