March 7th, 2003

cat & schmate, glitterville

friday 5: topsybottomsyturvy

Can it be my turn now? Because these questions have been steaming my brain for a while...

1. Do you consider yourself a top, a bottom, a switch, stone, pillow queen, or something else? Are your fantasies primarily about Doing, or about Getting Done? In real life, do you prefer to Do, or to Get Done?

2. How does your answer to the above intersect with your fabulous gender identity/gender expression?

3. How do you think others perceive you in relation to Question #2? If you reveal your Do-to-Get-Done Ratio to them, are they ever surprised to learn what you really like?

4. Please propose a more efficient term than "Do-to-Get-Done Ratio" because I can't think of one! (in the language of your choice)

5. Any additional thoughts on the subject?

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