March 4th, 2003


hello! my name is sophie, i'm 21, i go to school at hunter college, bisexual is the word i'm most comfortable with regarding my sexuality..i'm short, i'm a redhead....AND!
I'm a student filmmaker, and I would like to make a documentary on women and vaginismus, if any of you who do have it or know someone who's been affected by it, or would just like to be interviewed on what they think the implications of a woman having such a condition are would be willing to be interviewed, it doesn't neccessarily have
>to be on camera, it can be a cassette recorded session if you like, please leave comments to this post with your email or if you like more discretion, you may email me at

or if you want to talk about the connections between how sexual dysfunctions come to be regarded as such, and those links to reproduction and a hetero gendered society...and want to talk! please email me as well!

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Oh yeah...

Inspired by our new pal ilovemycosmo:

What are your fave slang words:
for girl parts?
for boy parts?
for trans/TG/other parts?

The funny/cute ones, please, not those nasty ones...I'm a delicate flower, don't you know.
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