January 13th, 2003

Long Run Hoax - V2, #1

Welcome to the Long Run Hoax... a column available on livejournal and syndicated to y'all here at postqueer.

I've come by today to talk about a relatively new word in our vocabulary. This particular word has found a home in certain communities, but it does not exist in the dictionary (uhh, hold on while I check). Nope, there is nothing listed; there is no definition like this:

boi. Pronunciation Key (boy) n.
1. a male
2. i mean female
3. i mean a male who is stuck in a female body
4. who is punk rock and
5. stays out late.

SO, my question for the week is: What the *heck* does BOI mean??

I did a little research to find a better definition of who ID'd with the word, and this is what I found:

a BOI here...

a BOI there...

a BOI everywhere.

Oh, and this beauty just for giggles...

Unfortunately, there's a lot more I didn't post, cuase just too damn creepy. you can check it out here.

I guess I can't blame the word (or the ID) *boi*. I get it.

but I'm becoming more of the mind that changing language like this isn't all that effective (my friend jokingly pronounces it "bwah", like the french, moi, toi). looking back on similar stories, i have to admit hat the word womyn never did stick beyond a certain community of people.

It's more the fault of the english language. M/epilady would agree that language is ridiculously limiting for all of us. There are many words we can grasp at for self-definition. and we dance among a variety of them throughout our lives. But my feeling is that none of us ever identify 100% with categories made available through media (a.k.a. constant mediation of our lives).

So, for myself, I don't accept BOI as an ID. The word is just not compelling to me. And that is not due to the fact that it took me two pages on google to find someone connected to BOI as a gender concern on the Internet. Check it out. I get why people use it, but I don't think it will speak to the masses. But then, I don't have a solution for what will.

What do I make of it all? Guess you'll just have to tune in next week and see.
Look for LRH V2, #2 - The Truth about Femmes...

P.S. No, I won't discuss social/cultural myths we all cling to in this article, but I will offer some extra web sites (for adults only):
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