January 7th, 2003


HIV, Identity & Consumerism

The Gay & Lesbian Review (formerly the Harvard G & L Review) has an article this month on "HIV Marketing Folklore" which some of y'all may find of interest.

Article talks about the visibility of gay men in the media is primarily due to HIV, and how gay life is commercialized due (in part) to the fact that gay men are a perceived target market for HIV-related consumerism. One of the tidbits mentioned is how the mass-consumerism, profit-driven system is currently sending a message that can be interpreted as "It's sexy to be HIV poz".

There are several ads reproduced along with this article, spanning the past 20 years, and it is interesting to see the changes in them (Flip thru a copy of a gay rag such as The Advocate, and see all the HIV ads with the uber-muscular well oiled gay boys going rock climbing).

Anyhow, thought this might be of interest to a few of y'all.