December 20th, 2002

cooler than your mom

it's smarmy time!

okay, just in case some of you kids aren't sure if you're PC enough, here's some ground-rules that you need to follow in order to honestly say that you've got the market cornerned on morality.

1 - if you're going to be femme you have to fuck other femmes, otherwise you're really a big closet case who's all recreating the patriarchy and stuff. remember - homosexuals fuck people with the same gender as them.

2 - if you're going to be attracted to butches you'd better be one, too. otherwise you're fetishizing them.

3 - the only people who are allowed to attracted to trannyboys are other trannyboys. anybody else who dates them are just being oppressive and that's not okay.

4 - NEVER use the phrase trannyboy. EVER. unless you happen to be one.

5 - if you INSIST upon dating FTM-identified people anyway, you HAVE to date "factory direct" men as well. otherwise you're not being respectful of people's gender-identities.

6 - be Pansexual. if you're not - you're the devil.

any additions? it's oh-so-important to me that i not offend the sensitive ears/eyes of the PC-world-at-large.



p/s - hi. glad to be here, et al.
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