December 18th, 2002

flying monster 2


so in the endless i'm-more-oppressed-than-you-are debate common among so many communities, various of the ftm folks on lj have been going back and forth today about community pressure around medical transition or not medically transitioning.

now i actually really enjoy these kinds of discussions. sometimes they are frustrating and go round-round-round in circles, but sometimes they do get somewhere else from where they started. i am fascinated with how groups of people interact, how communities form, and i think that even though people get their shorts tied in knots, it is a form of dialogue. and i at least can learn stuff from it all.

anyway, a subset of today's discussion was about visibility, specifically about how not medically transitioning generally makes one visible as gender deviant, while medically transitioning eventually makes one invisible as such. and political implications thereof. and this was my whine about it to my own journal. epilady thought this might be a good place to talk about what visibility can look like.

i think part of it is that, for me, there are so many ways to be visible. so many ways to come out, things to come out as. some i wear on the sleeve (or on the nose, as the case may be), others live below the surface. so many ways to come out as queer gay trans former-dyke feminist leftist radical anti-war kinky frequently-polyamorous class-mobile jewish pagan agnostic trying-to-learn-to-be-effectively-anti-racist pierced tattooed what am i missing?

visible? invisible? i don't know how to look normal; all else is subject to change.