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Call for Art, Performance, Papers, and Workshops GenderQueer/QueerGenders x-post

**Please Distribute Widely**
Call for Art, Performance, Papers, and Workshops
Conversations Among Artists, Activists & Academics
University of California, Santa Barbara
February 11, 12, and 13, 2005

Submission deadline is October 15, 2004

GenderQueer/QueerGenders is a multidisciplinary, multimedia conference that will take place in Santa Barbara, CA, this coming February. It will be a forum for people who’ve been thinking about queerness and gender from different places (institutions, geographic locations, identities) and through different means (performance, scholarship, organizing, cultural politics, etc). The conference will bring together artists, scholars and activists as equal contributors to conduct workshops, exhibit and perform art, and present academic research. A priority of this conference is to reflect the diversity and complexity of gender expressions and the meanings gender has in different racial and cultural locations. To that end, we particularly encourage proposals by and for people of color, working-class people, and people with disabilities.

GenderQueer/QueerGenders will be a forum for discussing the multiplicity of queer gender identities as they are experienced and expressed simultaneously with race, region, class, access, ability and other identities. One catalyst for this project has been our collective frustration with the lack of certain critical discourses about intersections of genders and sexualities. Specifically, we are concerned about the limited discourse on “emerging” queer genders including, for example, queer femininities, heterosexual queers, and the ways that gaps like these overlap with existing silences about race, class and privilege. We fear that these discourses are sometimes overshadowed by homogenizing “conventional” narratives of genderqueer and transgender communities. We hope to create a space to theorize a wider range of queer genders more fully representative of our identities, communities, and political/artistic work.

We are seeking a wide range of participants and therefore are soliciting contributions from across form and discipline, including:

visual art
video or film
performance pieces
research presentations
activist and organizational skillshares

Possible points of entry:

genderqueer * disability * race * femme * masculinity * organizing * science * sex * ‘straight’ queerness * art, performance and politics * cyber bodies * genderfuck * misogyny * dance * spoken word * virtual gender * song *
imperialism * paint * photography * kink * technology * transsexual * BDSM * politics * sculpture * fat * revolution * attitude * hormones * body modification * desire * permission * femininity * lo ho * inclusion * healthcare * social services * law * embodiment * restriction * FTM * access * love * star fucking * culture * no ho * language * sex work * religion * government * education * advocacy * youth * allies * class * history * transgender * transnational * DIY * music * images * representation * discourse * dialogue * critique * feminism * children * GID * reproduction * intersex * relationships * size * anti-racism * community * bodies * food * nationalism * immigration * industry * privacy * identity * public * MTF * genitalia * zines * privilege * sexual assault * hate crimes * invisibility * business * patriot act * civil rights * subvert * age * justice * border patrol * butch * drag * passing * tranny * chaser * diaspora * activism * film * nationality * polyamory * colonialism * marriage * none of the above


community art project
drag cabaret night
evening of performances
keynote series


Submission deadline is October 15, 2004

To submit a proposal, please send the following to the email or snailmail listed below:

For research presentations, send a 300 word abstract.

For workshop and skillshare proposals, send a 300 word description of your workshop or skillshare ideas.

Visual artists should send samples of work and a 300 word description of their artistic vision.

Performers, filmmakers and other creative artists should contact us for further information.

If you would like to participate or contribute to the conference in ways that are not listed here, please contact us with your ideas.

Email address:

Snailmail address:
GenderQueer/QueerGenders Conference
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
HSSB, 6th floor
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

GenderQueer/QueerGenders is a graduate student initiated project based at UCSB, primarily funded by UCSB’s Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
The text of the article goes here

For more details, please e-mail Karl Bryant keb2@UMAIL.UCSB.EDU

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