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art auction/Kerry fundraiser/gay marriage

I did this painting on gay marriage and put it up for silent auction (with internet bidding) for a Kerry fundraiser-- a political art show in Kentucky. (Don't worry, I am not going to ask you to find Kentucky on a map or anything!).

Kentucky is one of those few ballot measure states, like Oregon, where voters can vote directly to amend the state constitution. And there is a measure to outlaw gay marriage on the ballot this November. There has been a bitter, ugly fight going on for some time now in the state House and Senate.

If you know any queers in the Bluegrass state, you might want to give them some love about now!

Here is the painting, and more info about it is behind the cut.

“Brides in solidarity”
oil on canvas
32” x 28”

The text on the bridal bouquet ribbon reads "brides in solidarity/that all lovers may marry"

You register to bid, get validated as a bidder, and then can bid on works through the website. If mine is too pricey or not to your taste, there is a lot more great work!

Anyway, to find my painting, click "Three State Political Art..." and I am on the first page of listings.

And here is my artist statement explaining the piece:

“Brides in solidarity” began when I thought about marriage-- and who, at present, enjoys the material benefits from this civic institution. Such benefits are most clearly to be had in the case of middle-class white women.

And then I thought, wouldn’t it be enough to get this issue (and this election) settled, if those same middle-class white women enjoying the benefits of marriage voted to extend those benefits to others, regardless of gender? I think we would have the numbers to carry the vote. And wouldn’t this be enormously worth doing? Incidentally, it would also protect and restore some integrity to the civic institution of marriage itself—and it needs it; injustice in our civil institutions hurts all of us, even those people the institution favors.

So I painted my fantasy, that all women who ever were or are or will be brides would vote together and make sure all lovers have a chance to marry.

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