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actions for oregonians -- 4 weeks until ballots go out, 6 weeks until election day!

Excerpts from today's newsletter from the Campaign Against the Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage in Oregon ...

There are a lot of conflicting polling numbers out there this week, but don't be fooled by early or inaccurate polling. The Yes side admitted on television recently that their own polls only show them at 52%. The Portland Tribune poll (57% yes - 38% no) was taken before our ads hit TV and radio, and before our canvasses hit the streets in swing neighborhoods. Plus, those polls only ask people how they'll vote – accurate polls, like ours, provide voters with the arguments for and against this amendment that they'll be hearing over and over again during the next six weeks. Now that undecided voters are paying attention, we will be talking to them over the airwaves, on their doorsteps, over the phone and in their mailboxes.

Meet the Celebrity Supporters of No on Constitutional Amendment 36
This week, the campaign has two great opportunities to get up-close and personal with celebrities who are coming out to support No on Constitutional Amendment 36!

Saturday, Sept 25 Gus Van Sant and John Cameron Mitchell (of Hedwig fame) will be hosting a premiere of their new movie TARNATION at the Guild Theatre to benefit No on Constitutional Amendment 36. John Cameron Mitchell and Wade McCullum will sing songs from Hedwig at the after-party! This is going to be a night you will not want to miss!! More information Or call Calvin at 971-244-1399 and mention this email to attend the entire eveneing (VIP Meet-and-Greet with Gus and John at Aura, Red Carpet Premiere of TARNATION at Guild Theatre, and After Party at Holocene) for a special rate of $100 plus 12 volunteer hours!

Thursday, Sept 23, Margaret Cho is hosting a meet-and-greet after her concert at the Schnitz. For a $100 donation to the campaign, you'll get incredible VIP tickets to the show and will get to meet her backstage! Wednesday is the final day to buy tickets, so call Brenda at 971-244-1399 now...and tell your friends!

Fed up with those Yes on 36 signs?
Take to the streets! Signs do not vote, nor do they move people to vote. It is a proven fact that one-on-one conversations are the most persuasive and effective way to get voters to move to our side. We are mobilizing thousands of volunteers across the state to talk directly with voters. Sign up today for a shift talking to voters at their door or over the phone.

Same-sex married couples stand up and be counted!
Calling all same-sex couples who got married this year: over the next few weeks the campaign will be calling same-sex married couples who are not yet registered to vote. In March, 40% of these couples were registered to vote, in August it was up to 79.7%, but we want to get it close to 100% before the October 12th deadline. We need your help because you are the best messengers to convey the importance of voting this election year. Please Email Jessica@NoOn36.com or call her at 503-222-6151 to sign up.

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