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Hero (the movie)

How was it? I'm no reviewer; I'd give it a good pruning and the story was a device to explore the mythic origins of the Nation (Chinese, in this case), which means probably many would find it unsatisfying. Thanks to my partner I am just enough up to speed on nationalism to find it fascinating. Some ~really~ good martial arts scenes, and endless eye candy.

It is possible to have too much eye candy. But I'll probably risk the sugar coma and see it again.

What really interested me were the variously-hued versions of the high femme warrior Falling/Flying Snow. From jealous, murderous and unspeakably, shamefully proud in red to resolutely calm and clear-eyed in blue, witchy muse in green, in white the saddest and most tragic... all the while standing in somehow for China's heart.

Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk is possibly more beautiful than Monica Belluci and I did not think such a thing could be. I saw her in "In the Mood for Love" when I was living in Berlin... my German was so bad at the time that I couldn't really follow the dialogue. Which gave me a couple hours to look, undistracted. It isn't entirely pleasurable to see someone that beautiful. I think it hurts.

I hope someone who writes about Femme and film will have a hard look at this movie; maybe someone has already done so and I don't know where to go to read.

*possibly x-posted*

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