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the great oz has spoken...

Postqueer members --

Tonight for the first time in our almost 2 year history, I deleted posts. I did this because they were obviously against our #1 guideline -- Abolutely NO personal attacks. I am serious about this, and as moderator, I won't tolerate it. If I weren't on vacation last week with limited access, I would have done it then as well. I am leaving those posts there for now, as instructive. I've not had to ban anyone yet, and I hope to continue with that record for another few years.

We have a great community, and the reason it is so great is because we have been successful in discussing difficult topics with diverse points of view without drama. Many other communities suffer from this issue and people get sick of it. This is one of the main reasons why I created postqueer. I realize that some of you feel I should not delete posts (free speech, it happened, learning). But. I have a responsibility to everyone in this community to keep the standards we've set. I promised this would be a safe space to discuss difficult issues across many difficult boundaries (gender, sexuality, race, class, etc.), and I'll keep this promise.

In this instance, I have seen some wonderful work by community members making a great deal of effort to continue a difficult conversation with honesty, integrity and respect. I've also seen members stand up for the values the community has agreed are important when discussing such topics.This is the type of behavior community members expect to find here. There will always be challenging discussions, and none of us will never be perfect in how we respond. I am here to manage the bumps along the way and step in on the odd occassions where emotions might instigate sparring among members.

I am not allowing any comments to this post, however, if you have an issue, you may feel free to email me directly. Also, if you continue to have questions about what is or isn't a personal attack, feel free to ask me before posting something.

Now, I'm tired, I'm still working, and I have a date with my spouse.


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